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Austin Career Institute COVID-19 Update
In light of current COVID-19 outbreak we've made some changes to our day-to-day operations here at Austin Career Institute in order to practice responsible social distancing.

As a TWC Licensed, Nationally Accredited and Department of Education Title IV school we are committed to follow Department of Education, COE, CDC, TWC and City of Austin guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Starting Monday, 3/23/20, we will be offering our classes for all of our programs in the modalities listed below until further notice. We will be flexible and make changes as necessary, but rest assured we will be using the easiest, most user-friendly online platform for programs that are being offered online.

Austin Career Institute LLC has taken the following actions to make our campus a safer place:
• Installation of exhaust fans in the HVAC and MA classrooms.
• Installation of passive fresh air ductwork for the HVAC and MA classrooms.
• Installation of fresh air intake for the lobby HVAC
• Installation of UV lights in the AC units in HVAC and MA classrooms and in the lobby HVAC.
• Installation of 3M 2800 air filters in the lobby HVAC.
• Installation of hands free fixtures in bathrooms including lighting, faucet, soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser.
• Installation of hand sanitizer dispenser in lobby. 

Please make sure to follow CDC guidelines for how to keep yourself safe from COVID 19.

The following are our additional requirements.

1) All traditional HVAC classes will be in person and in class on campus. All online classes related to hybrid programs must be in zoom instructor led classes. All HVAC hands on and lecture classes must be held outside under the tents.

2) All MA classes will be held in Zoom. All MA hands on classes must be held outside under the tents.

3) Everyone entering the ACI campus building and everyone in the parking lot in front of the ACI campus building must wear a mask at all times.

4) Every single ACI’s AC unit thermostats must have the fan switched to ON position at all times. The front garage door must be open during business hours and when HVAC classes are being held under the tent.

5) The exhaust fans in the two HVAC classrooms (light switch that is red) must be in On position all the time.

6) Staff must make every effort to wipe door knobs with alcohol or disinfectant wipes at the beginning of their shifts. You can find alcohol and bleach wipes in the MA classroom.

7) Office staff should make every effort to meet students and clients outside under the tents if possible.

8) Everyone who enters ACI must have their temperature measured using the white touchless thermometers. Instructors must measure and record every student forehead temperature in the paperwork located on the front reception desk. Please make sure to make copies of the paper so that you do not run out. Office staff must also measure and record the forehead temperature of everyone they meet. At the end of their shift employees must turn all these forms into the Admission office, slide under the door if the Admission officer is not open.

9) All current and potential students, employees or anyone who enters ACI campus who are sick in any ways or show the following symptoms must not enter ACI campus and be turned away. These individuals must stay home and notify their instructor and Director of Student Services Amanda Pincock (512-912-9999).

(a) Fever or chills
(b) Cough
(c) Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
(d) Fatigue
(e) Muscle or body aches
(f) Headache
(g) New loss of taste or smell
(h) Sore throat
(i) Congestion or runny nose
(j) Nausea or vomiting
(k) Diarrhea

We love our Austin community. Please reach out to us if there is anything you need.

  • Main Office English: 512-371-0100
  • Main Office Spanish: 512-317-3333
  • Admissions and Student Services: Amanda 512-912-9999
  • Financial Aid Services: Carlos 512-677-7776
  • Director: Shawn 512-750-1552
  • President and CFO: Rosha at 512-586-7473
  • Job Placement: Joe 512-371-0100

  • We are still accepting new students; please contact Admissions for further information.

        At Austin Career Institute, we are commited to put the health of our students first and  with all our effort to make the campus safe, due to this global pandemic, it is impossible to make the campus 100% safe. Austin Career Institute LLC does not make any guarantees in regards to the safety of our campus and all those entering our campus will do so at their own risk.